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MS in Curriculum and Instruction

The Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction program requires 36 semester hours beyond the bachelors degree. Up to 6 semester hours of graduate credit may be transferred into the masters program. Applicants for the program, which is an on-campus-based classroom experience, must select one of ten content specializations (i.e., Curriculum Development, Elementary Education, English Education, Learning Technologies, Mathematics Education, Modern Language Education, Physical Education, Science Education, Social Studies Education, or Special Education) The Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction program includes five required components:

  1. Curriculum and Instruction Core (9 semester hours)
  2. Curriculum and Instruction Elective (3 semester hours)
  3. Research Core (6 semester hours)
  4. Content Specializations (18 semester hours)
  5. Professional Conference (Exhibition)

Advising Information

Career Outlook

  • Assistant Principals 
  • Instructional Coordinators and Designers
  • Principals
  • School Administrators